Protests Over Social Injustice; A Christian's Perspective on the #Blacklivesmatter Movement


Black Lives Matter
social movements
church and society


Researching the active protests stemming from the death of George Floyd is an important step towards understanding why the protests matter to our society. People by the thousands have come out and protested, and they have various reasons for showing up. Most importantly, there are multiple races who participate with just as much conviction as any other race, including African Americans. This article will examine why the protests are so diverse and why the fight for African American social justice is not only important to the African American race, but to the Caucasian race as well. Christians have to take a stand against social inequality to ensure the hope for peace does not fade into antiquity. Christians have something to offer to the #Blacklivesmatter movement. We have a unique perspective on peaceful protesting that can be an example to others. This article will discuss what Christians can do to join in the fight for social change without confusion over whether or not we belong in the struggle.
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