Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within the Missouri REALTORS®


In 2021, the Missouri REALTORS® organization took intentional steps toward improving and enhancing diversity and inclusion. These steps included forming a dedicated committee and holding a Diversity Summit. As a member of the organization who was also concerned with issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, I was surprised to learn of ongoing issues of discrimination and unequal treatment within the larger housing industry. I wanted to know how individual members within the organization perceived the issues as well as the actions taken by the organization. What I found was a diversity of perspective, experience, and proposed solutions. In the midst of those differences, I regularly witnessed an ethical commitment to fairness and service to everyone in the community. If that commitment continues to undergird the organization collectively, as well as the individuals serving within it, then I am optimistic. Given the fundamental human need of a place to exist, I am hopeful commitment will characterize the journey. 

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